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Next generation platform for individuals and businesses for easily storing personal data online, so what do you waiting for ?

Cloud OS

What is Cloud OS ?

This is an exciting solution for organizing and storing all your data in one place. The Cloud OS is a web app that lets you upload and store data, documents, files, images, video, and more at the touch of a button. All you need is the app and access to the internet to store materials from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

No Registration

The first advantage is that there is no registration required. You simply access the web app using a social media account and you are in. There is no fiddling with a username or having to remember a password to access this cloud storage system.

File Management

You can upload a wide variety of file types to this system, from simple data documents, images, video, and so forth. This makes the system great for those who wants to store precious files and have an access to theme from anywhere in the world.

Responsive Web App

By using our cloud storage, you simply access the information on your computer, smartphone, or tablet and send it straight to your storage in the cloud. There are several advantages that going with this system provides to secure your data storage needs.

How Cloud OS Works for You

The rapid advance of technology over the past decade has changed the way people think about storing their data. While external hard drives and thumb drives have their uses, they also have limitations that make them clumsy to use at times along with being limited in terms of their storage potential. This is why cloud storage systems have grown considerably and today represent the most convenient way to store your information all through a simple web app.

  • No physical drive needed
  • Access your data from anywhere
  • Access your data from any device: desktop, tablet, smartphone.

Separate Storage

Apart from the large available space that the Cloud OS offers is the peace of mind it brings knowing that your files are stored in a separate location. When you think about backing up your files on a thumb drive or external drive, it still may be subject to the same damage that takes out your computer or mobile device. However, on a cloud storage system, your files are safe and can be accessed by another device when needed.

  • Backup almost all file types
  • Easily organizing files
  • View almost all popular file types online

User Friendly

It also helps that this storage system is user-friendly, allowing for easy navigation no matter the device you use. Simply open Cloud OS, upload your files, and rest assured that they are secured.
the Cloud OS is the right cloud storage system for your needs. Providing ample space for the largest files while adding the convenience of storing them no matter your location. All you need is the web app and access to the internet, and you can safely store your data quickly and easily.

  • Acces your files using your favorite social media account
  • Upload files from your device or from online provides.
  • Add your favorite data like: websites, youtube videos & etc...

Pricing Plans.


$0 Monthly

  • 250 MB MB Disk Space

$2 Monthly

  • 5 GB Disk Space

$6 Monthly

  • 50 GB Disk Space

$12 Monthly

  • 250 GB MB Disk Space

$17 Monthly

  • 500 GB Disk Space

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